Open Practice fees:

          - Big track     $30.00

          -Peewee Track $20.00 --------> (50cc, beginner 65cc, beginner 85cc only)

          -Night Practice $35.00


Event info:

-All camping and gate fees are paid through Sunday. You can be refunded your fees for Sunday if you exit the park by 8 p.m. on Saturday. Refunds are only given if you are still wearing your wristband. Please me nice!


-Bunk house Fee: RV Camping covers the immediate family. If you drive in separately and plan on shacking up with your buddies thats cool with us! Thats what the bunk house fee is. You will be issued the same number camping pass to identify who you are bunking with. We do not care how many smelly dirt bikers you want to stuff in an RV just pay the fee.


-Don't forget to pay for your Sunday practice pass on supercross weekends!! We will be checking wristbands. You get caught riding without paying it will be a sad day...


Event Fees

  •  Gate Fees: $12.00 per day               (kids 6 and under are free)
  • RV Camping $25.00 per night
  • Truck/Tent Camping $10.00 per night
  • Bunk House Fee: $10.00 per night


Motocross  and Night Series Race  fees:

  • First Class     $40.00
  • Second Class $25.00
  • Third Class    $15.00
  • Memories      Priceless....
  • Pro Class        $50.00     (100% payback) See Pay scale



Hare Scramble Race  fees:

  • Big Bike     $35.00
  • Mini Scramble  $35.00
  • Peewee Scramble $20.00
  • Pro Class            $50.00     (100% payback) See Pay scale


                                        Sign-up forms

SXS   fees:

  •                                              (100% payback) See Pay scale



Practice Passes:

  • Family Pass       $1,400.00   Family pass form
  • Rider Pass          $800.00     Season pass form
  • Punch cards       $250.00      (covers 10 open practices) purchased at the gate


   -Mid-Week (monday-thursday) RV storage without hookups $50.00  Normal camping rate will apply the following weekend.


* NOTE: Time changes may occur during event.

*IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to announcements from tower.


* Transponders are used at every race/time practice event. Transponders require a valid credit card to be kept on file or a $150.00 deposit. You are responsible for damage or loss to the transponder


* Minors (under the age of 18) must have a signed/notarized permission from parent or guardian for races and practice.

Minor Release form

Cash only Thank you!


Please read the following notice.


Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity

and an ultra-hazardous sport, which may result in

serious personal injury including death. Each

individual motorcycle rider and parent or guardian

must be familiar with the sport of motorcycling,

recognize the wide range of foreseeable and

unforeseeable hazards and decide whether to assume

the risks of the dangers involved including death.

Northwest Nobodies Inc dba Airway X assumes

no liability for any and all injuries including death

for all persons on the property whether riding or