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All minors are required to turn in a minor release in order to ride any of the tracks, or participate in any events. This includes all practice or free-ride demo days. A parent or guarding is able to fill the form out in person on site but if you do not plan on attending the track for any of the above listed, then we require that the form be notarized and the original copy accompany the minor. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THE MINOR RELEASE AS DESCRIBED THEN YOU DO NOT RIDE!!!! And that makes for a sad day so get it done!!

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Season Pass Single Rider $800.00

Family Pass $1,400.00


Please read the following notice.


Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity

and an ultra-hazardous sport, which may result in

serious personal injury including death. Each

individual motorcycle rider and parent or guardian

must be familiar with the sport of motorcycling,

recognize the wide range of foreseeable and

unforeseeable hazards and decide whether to assume

the risks of the dangers involved including death.

Northwest Nobodies Inc dba Airway X assumes

no liability for any and all injuries including death

for all persons on the property whether riding or